Monday, May 23, 2005

The Queen Mary and others...

On Saturday I went to the library. I told you I was going to research the The Empress of Britain but there were not a lot of books on it. From what I could find there were at least 3 ships called the Empress of Britain but only one of them wrecked.

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My Grandpa told me about a ship that is in California, that use to be an Ocean Liner. It is called the Queen Mary. I found lots of books and videos on this ship so I am going to talk about the Queen Mary. The Queen Mary was a much bigger ship then the Titanic. The Queen Mary was over 1,000 feel long the Titanic was only 882 feet long. The Queen Mary almost weighed twice as much as the Titanic at 81,237 Gross Tons. The Queen Mary's life boats could hold 145 people the titanic could only hold 60. The Queen Mary was also used as a war ship during the war from March 1940 until September 1946. The Queen Mary had 1,001 crossings of the Atlantic until it was docked in Long Beach, CA. The Queen Mary's Rudder weighed 140 tons the titanic was only 101 tons. I am going to read more about the Queen Mary but it sounds like it is a very large boat.

My Papa told me that he may take me out to California this summer to see the Queen Mary and stay at it's hotel. To bad my friend Alex will be here this summer, but when she comes back to Chicago maybe she can tell me what I should see while I am in California. I think I want to stay for 2 weeks, I want to go to Disney Land.


Anonymous said...

You and Papa will have tons of fun in Cali! I heard the Queen Mary is AMAZING! I can't wait to hear all about it!!!
If you go to Disney give Mickey a kiss for me!


freddykeys88 said...

Hi Cole!
I just wanted to let you know how much fun I had with you on Sunday. I really liked playing catch and baseball with you. You were getting really good at throwing the ball. Keep up the good work!
Thanks for beeing so nice to Charlie and me!
Talk to you soon!
Freddy and Charlie

Alex said...

WHOOooaaaa!!!! Nice new Blog, Cole! WOW!

I love it!

Go You!