Wednesday, May 25, 2005

New Site

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This is the Britannic underwater.

I hope you all like my new website. My Mom has learned how to add pictures, so now I will add pictures about the things that I am discussing. I tell her when to change the color of the words.

My friend Alex and her partner Chrisanne are coming to visit when Alex gets back from LA. My Dad said he is going to grill out when they come, he is a good cook. I want him to make me a burger, we will make steaks for everyone else.

Alex is going to work at The Shakespeare Theatre on Navy Pier. She is going to be in "Princess and the Pea" in the mornings for kids. I have seen this already she is a good Queen. Then at night she is in "Comedy of Errors." I have not seen this, it is for adults my Mom and my Grandma will be going with their friends. I think everyone should go see both. Don't forget Alex is going to be on TV Monday the 30th. I will remind you all when it gets closer.


Anonymous said...

Love the new site Cole! It's so cool!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures Cole - glad your mother learned how to show us what you are describing!

Looking forward to seeing Alex at Navy Pier - I haven't been in that theatre before.


Alex said...

Great picture of The Britannic! Wow!

Can't wait to see you!!!!!!

Tipsy McStagger said...

Pictures! Yay!