Saturday, November 08, 2008


Sunday, May 04, 2008

I'M Back

I am sorry I have not written anything in a long time I have been very busy with school and lots of things.

First I am a full black belt now. I received my final black belt about 3 months ago. I have not been back to Tae Kwon Do since then. My Mom wants me to go back but I don't.

I have been on another R Family cruise. I went with my Mom and Payton and Janee'. My Dad had to stay home. We went to the Mexican Riveria, this is a picture of me in the pool and digging in the sand in Mazatlan.

My sister Fauve had a baby 3 weeks ago I am an Uncle now. This is my Dad with the baby her name is Kyra sounds like Tyra. I babysat her just last night.

Right now I am playing soccer. I like it but I like to play baseball too. I may do that next year. Football starts again in the summer. This summer I am going to space camp with my Grandma. it is in Hutchinson, Kansas. I will write more about it later.

My sister Janee' is now at Savannah College of Art and Design. She is doing really well in school she has lots of cool pictures. I have added some that I like.

This is her self portrait for art class.


I had my first Communion today at Church. It was pretty cool but the wine really tastes bad. My Godfather Bob came and so did his partner Michael. Michael comes 3 days a week to take care of my sister Payton and me while our parents are at work. He helps me with my homework and plays with us.

I will try to right more later this week.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Summer Time

Sorry it has taken me so long to blog. I had a busy school year.

I am now done with school and will be going to 3rd grade next year.

I have had a lot going on since I last wrote.

In February our family went on the R Family cruise. We had so much fun! I liked the slide on the boat and playing on the beaches the most. This is a picture of the boat from the private island we stopped at. We had football camp on the island.

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I also got my deputy black belt. This is a picture of me doing a flying jump side kick over my friend to break the board. This was my first test after my black belt to get a first degree. I am having another test at the end of this month to work on my black belt some more.


Memorial Day weekend we went to see our friends up in WI. Mitch and I played all weekend. It was cold but we had a good time at their cabin.

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My sister Janee' graduated from High School a few weeks ago. We had a party last weekend and my friends Chrisanne and Alex came to the party. My new friend Paul came also. He was so much fun he stayed with us all weekend. He does lots of voices and he would bark at our dogs and it sounded just like a real dog. Oh that is right we have 2 dogs now. We have Moo she is a miniature Shih Tzu. She is really cute!!

Bill played catch with me at the party I caught the ball 44 times. He said I had a good arm. I am going to practice football more.

Friday, January 05, 2007


It is 2007 and I have done so much already this year.

We got 10 inches of snow on one day in December and we haven't had any snow since. This is me playing in the snow with my sister and Gus. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The Intrepid is moved now and is in NJ being worked on and fixed. They moved the submarine that was there and the Concorde also.

I tested for my second degree red/black belt and passed. The next test I take will be for my black belt. That will take awhile I have a lot more to learn first.

We had Christmas and that was so much fun. Santa brought us all lots of presents. This is a picture of my sister and I going to see Santa. He isn't the real Santa he is Santas helper. The real Santa has to stay at the North Pole getting the presents ready.
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My favorite gift was from my Great-Grandma the storm-Laucher. My friend Mitch got one too, we took mine to Minnesota and played with them there. My sister Payton's favorite gift was the big barn for all her horses. She has a lot of horses that she plays with every day. She wants a real horse but we don't live on a farm.

We went to my new friends house in Minnesota two times already. I have a good time there. The first time we were there was the weekend before Christmas. Esera gave me lots of cool gifts. He gave me a helmet, his football picture and his book that he signed and he also gave me 3 of his rookie cards. I have put them all up in my room. I like going to visit him, Mitchell and their children they are all a lot of fun. We were there for New Years and on New Years Eve it snowed so we got to do some sledding on New Years but not to much because we didn't have our snow pants. I got soaked!

My next trip is to LA I am going to see my friend Alex. We are going to do lots of fun things but I am really excited Alex said we could go to Disney! I have never been to Disney I am so excited. My Mom and I are going to fly there we will be there 2, 1/2 days and 3 full days. Maybe I will be able to see the Ocean or the Queen Mary. That would be fun to. It will be fun just to see Alex and Chrisanne, Chrisanne and I can talk all about the Titanic. I am going to bring Ghost of the Abyss it is about the Titanic we started to watch it once but Chrisanne was tired and had to go home. She likes the penquins from Madagascar too, we watched their Christmas DVD but ours was scratched.

Today I have to take my dog to training. It is really to train me not Gus.

Monday, November 13, 2006

November 2006

Hi Everyone,

I am sorry that I have not been able to blog lately but I have been very busy with 2nd grade and all the things I am involved with.

I just finished my football season. It was flag football and we had a good season, I was a lineman and once I got to be the quarterback. I liked playing, next year I am going to play tackle football. Our coach gave us a signed picture of Jeff Zgonia from the Dolphins he is a tackle. They played together at Purdue, my coach use to play pro-football too, but I can't tell you who he is so "the freaks can't find us." That is what my Mom says. Freaks are bad people! My Mom and Dad met a new friend his name is Esera Tuaolo, he and his partner were on the same cruise with my Mom and Dad. Esera also played professional football and I am going to meet him, Mitchell and their kids. He was on TV last week with his partner and their children. I can't wait to meet them and have new friends. We may go on a cruise with all of them this summer. I want to do that!

Thursday my friend Alex was on Grey's Anatomy! I was so excited to see her on the show, she was on the whole show. She was on two days in a row. They never do that! I am going to go see her next year and we are going to go to Disney Land. I am so excited. I want to go now! Alex is my good friend, I wish she didn't live so far away but now I have somewhere nice to visit.

This year I have also been taking Tap and Hip Hop class, we are already getting ready for a recital and that won't be until school is over. We are learning a lot of dances for the recital. I hope all my friends and family will come, or maybe not that is a lot of people. I may get nervous.

I had a Tae Kwon Do competition this past week. I am a Red/Black belt now and I got 2 third places in form and board breaking. I use to always get first but it is hard now that I am a higher belt.

For Halloween I was Darth Vadar, and my sister was Sleeping beauty, I don't have pictures yet because my Mom and Dad were on a cruise for Halloween, but when we get them I will post them. I went trick or treating with my friend Zack, that was a lot of fun. We always play together and we were on the same football team. We use to do hockey together but this year Zack is doing basketball instead.

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I start hockey again tomorrow. Since football is done I needed to do something else with my time. I like hockey, it is fun. It isn't real hockey it is just learning about skating and things.

One last thing my Grandpa found out they are moving the Intrepid. That is the Aircraft Carrier we went on the train to see last summer. They are going to close it for a year and take it to NJ. I want to see it when it is all done.

Well that is about it for now. Sorry I haven't been blogging lately I will try to do it more.

Monday, July 10, 2006


I have been so busy this summer that I have not found time to write.

I have already been in 3 camps. Soccer, Bulls Basketball and Sailing. This week I am in regular basketball camp in the morning and flag football in the afternoon.

I am still doing Tae Kwon Do. I have gotten my red belt now.
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My big sister Janee' went to prom. This is a picture of her and Steve her boyfriend.
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My Mom is starting her own business. She is doing a lot of work but it makes her crabby at times. She said she has so much to do before September.

I went to see Wicked last week. It was really good I liked it. There were a lot of people at the theater. I am also going to see my friend Alex. She is in Seussical the Musical I am not sure what day I am going yet because my Mom is so busy we may have to go on the weekend.

I have not seen Alex since she was here for the circus so I want to go see her soon! I have seen Chrisanne she comes for dinner after work.

Gus is doing good, he bites a lot because he is a puppy but he is going to go to training tomorrow. Maybe he will be better after he goes to class.

Well today is my Grandpa's birthday he is 73. I am going to go to his house for ice cream cake. I don't like real cake so I bet they got ice cream cake for me.

I will try to write more soon.


Thursday, May 18, 2006


Lots of stuff has happened during the last month. First I probably will be only updating monthly because I am so busy.

The last US Survivor of the Titanic died this month. Lillian Gertrud Asplund was 5 when the Titanic sank. Her father and 3 brothers died during the sinking of the Titanic and her mother died on the 52 anniversary of the sinking. One of the brothers that died was her twin. They were 3rd class passengers. There are only 2 survivors left they are both in England. One is Barbara Joyce West she was 10 months old when it sank and the other was Elizabeth Gladys Dean she was 9 weeks old when it sank. She was the youngest survivor.

We went to Michigan again to see Steve and Bonnie. Janee' had a fitting for her prom dress but we are not allowed to see it until prom. We took Gus and we flew kites and had fun!

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I got my Brown belt and my Mom got her Orange belt at the end of April. Only 3 more belts until black but I have to test Red Black 3 times so it is really 6 more tests. My teacher is going to Korea this summer to get his 10th degree black belt. That is as high as you can go. He does his testing in front of the Tae Kwon Do National Federation. It is very hard, that is why he is a GRAND Master not just a Master.
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This is a side kick to break the board.

My Dad got a new used car, my sister got a new used car. My Mom is buying lots of used cars, she says they are a better deal and we have to save money. But my Dad's car is really cool it is a sports car. This is a picture of it, it looks just like this car.
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This summer I am doing a lot of sports camps. I have golf once a week all summer, 2 weeks of soccer, 2 weeks of basketball and one of those weeks is Bulls basketball camp. A week of Chicago bears football camp, a week of baseball camp, a week of sailing and a week of dance camp. I may add one more week of sailing in August if I don't have anything else going on,and one more week of dance camp but it depends if I like it or not.

Gus is doing well, he will be 14 weeks today, or 3 1/2 months. He bites a lot because he is a puppy. My little sister never leaves him alone, so she gets lots of bites. I like him to sleep with me but his favorite place is still with my Dad.

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My Mom had to add a special thing if you post a comment because I have been getting a lot of junk comments. Spam I guess but I don't understand. They are not my friends.