Thursday, May 18, 2006


Lots of stuff has happened during the last month. First I probably will be only updating monthly because I am so busy.

The last US Survivor of the Titanic died this month. Lillian Gertrud Asplund was 5 when the Titanic sank. Her father and 3 brothers died during the sinking of the Titanic and her mother died on the 52 anniversary of the sinking. One of the brothers that died was her twin. They were 3rd class passengers. There are only 2 survivors left they are both in England. One is Barbara Joyce West she was 10 months old when it sank and the other was Elizabeth Gladys Dean she was 9 weeks old when it sank. She was the youngest survivor.

We went to Michigan again to see Steve and Bonnie. Janee' had a fitting for her prom dress but we are not allowed to see it until prom. We took Gus and we flew kites and had fun!

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I got my Brown belt and my Mom got her Orange belt at the end of April. Only 3 more belts until black but I have to test Red Black 3 times so it is really 6 more tests. My teacher is going to Korea this summer to get his 10th degree black belt. That is as high as you can go. He does his testing in front of the Tae Kwon Do National Federation. It is very hard, that is why he is a GRAND Master not just a Master.
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This is a side kick to break the board.

My Dad got a new used car, my sister got a new used car. My Mom is buying lots of used cars, she says they are a better deal and we have to save money. But my Dad's car is really cool it is a sports car. This is a picture of it, it looks just like this car.
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This summer I am doing a lot of sports camps. I have golf once a week all summer, 2 weeks of soccer, 2 weeks of basketball and one of those weeks is Bulls basketball camp. A week of Chicago bears football camp, a week of baseball camp, a week of sailing and a week of dance camp. I may add one more week of sailing in August if I don't have anything else going on,and one more week of dance camp but it depends if I like it or not.

Gus is doing well, he will be 14 weeks today, or 3 1/2 months. He bites a lot because he is a puppy. My little sister never leaves him alone, so she gets lots of bites. I like him to sleep with me but his favorite place is still with my Dad.

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My Mom had to add a special thing if you post a comment because I have been getting a lot of junk comments. Spam I guess but I don't understand. They are not my friends.


Alex said...

I was wondering when you were going to write about Lilian. I was a little sad that she passed away. The remaining two survivors were so young when the Titanic sank that I'm sure they don't remember anything.

I'll be seeing you this summer. Hopefully you and the family can come see the musical I'm doing at The Pier. And maybe we can work in a bar b que.

I'm in the middle of filming a movie. I think it may be R rated, so I don't know that you'll be able to see it. We'll have to check with your parents. It's pretty scary.

See you soon!


bella said...

Cole, you're going to be verrry busy this summer. Congratulations on the brown belt. You're right Gus has gotten bigger, but he's still cute. But I think Kaiser and Ralei are alot bigger than Gus.
You'll have to have Mommy send Pappy Mike and I pictures of you and Payton doing your dance, sailing and sports. xo's Bella