Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My day off

Yesterday I did not have school so when Mom said we were having company I wanted to plan the night. We were having our friend Chrisanne come over, for dinner after she got off work. My Mom told me that Chrisanne was having a birthday this week and since Alex is in California I wanted to have kind of a birthday party for her.

Mom went to work for awhile and then she came home and got me. We went to look at some houses because we want a bigger house. That got to be boring. But then we went to Deerfields to get a cake. Alex told Mom that Chrisanne likes chocolate and mousse so I found a cake that had both. It kind of looked like this but it had more chocolate shavings on top and they wrote Happy Birthday Chrisanne in red on a piece of chocolate. Image hosting by Photobucket

Chrisanne sent a list to Mom on the foods she liked. Mom said she was just being silly but we planned a dinner around what she wrote.

We went to the store to get some iced tea, shrimp and red potatoes to boil. We took the food home and Then I went to Tae Kwon Do practice. When I got home from practice Chrisanne was waiting for us.

We had shrimp to start, then for dinner we had, chicken from Popeyes, green beans from Boston Market, and boiled red potatoes and dessert. My Mom says she doesn't cook she buys. (she did boil the potatoes) After dinner we put candles on the cake and took it out to Chrisanne. We all sang happy birthday.

My little sister had Chrisanne read to her and after dinner we watched the penguins Whacked-Out Holiday DVD. Chrisanne said she liked the penguins from Madagascar and didn't know they had another movie.

Chrisanne goes to work early so she left around 8 last night. We all had fun!

Chrisanne said I should write like a story so I am trying to do that.

Last thing for tonight and probably this week!! I told Janee' I would tell people about her.

My Sister Janee' is going to jump in the lake next month she is doing the Polar Bear Plunge. She and her friend Katie are raising money for special olympics! Please donate money for their team! She is going to be really cold! I am going to go watch, I will take pictures and put them up. It will be February 18. Janee' says thanks! I think she is crazy!


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Alex said...

I am so sorry I missed all the fun Cole. Chirsanne told me she had so much fun on her birthday and how special you made it for her. It's very important to have fun on your birthday. After all, if she wasn't born, we wouldn't have her around. Birthdays are very, very important.

I'm glad you were born as well.

Also- I think the writing idea needs to happen. Write that story!

Love you

Miss you