Friday, January 13, 2006


Hi Everyone!

My Mom told me my friend Alex had asked about my blogging so I thought I better write something. I have been very busy now that I am in 1st grade. I have homework and I can't stay up as late because I have to get up early for school.

I had a good Christmas, Santa brought me lots of toys! Steven and Bonnie got me a Lionel Set I really like it and I asked Santa for more parts and engines. Image hosted by

Santa called me at my Grandparents house because I forgot to send him a letter this year. I also got Star Wars things and lots of other toys.

On Christmas day, my Grandparents came over and we opened presents then for dinner we went to Freddy and Lances house. We had lots of fun and I played with Steve and I built airplanes with Bill. Before we left Freddy played piano and Amy sang Christmas songs. I was the conductor. My sister tried to play piano but she was only pretending, I was really conducting. Image hosted by

This year I started taking hockey skating lessons. I go to hockey with my friend Zack.

I am also now a purple belt. Image hosted by My Mom takes Tae Kwon Do too. But she is just a white belt. I am much better then her!

I have a new room now, it is the biggest bedroom. My older sisters have their own room and my younger sister and I share a room. We got bunk beds this week and some new storage for all our toys. Our room isn't all together yet so Mom says we have to do it this weekend. Image hosted by

I have to get ready for school now. I will try to write at least once a week from now on. I have a spelling test today and I need to practice once more time.


Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back Cole!!!! Missed you!!! Can't wait to see your new bunk beds! That's so cool!!


Alex said...

Don't stay away so long!!!!!!

Love the fact that you were conducting Freddy. I'm sad that I wasn't there though. :-(

We'll see each other soon!