Monday, September 19, 2005

I am back

I have been gone for awhile because I have been very busy and now I have to go to sleep early because I am in first grade.

Since I went on vacation I have started first grade and did some more things.

First I got my Orange belt a few weeks ago.

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Then I was in a competition and I won a gold medal for board breaking.

I have also started soccer I like it but I am not good.

I also started choir at church. I like it sometimes.

My sister and I had our birthdays this week. I turned 7. I had a big party with all my friends from school. It was at Dinorex it was a lot of fun. This is my big sister and little sister on one of the rides.
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This is me breaking the pinata. Lots of candy and things fell out.
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When we had a family party these were our cakes. I don't like cake so I got an ice cream cake. My sister wanted a purple princess cake so she got one.
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I have to go to bed early now so I am not able to write late at night. I will try to write more.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cole
I'm so glad that you had a good birthday - you're ice cream cake was delicious!

And you will get better at soccer if you practice like you did at the park on Sunday!

I'm glad that you like school and are really reading well - keep it up.
Love you!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cole!
Happy Birthday! I wish I could have been at your party but had to play for Amy. Hope you like your Hotwheels stuff. I can't wait to come over and play with them with you. Take care, Buddy! Oh, Charlie says "HI"
Love you,

tony63vanessa said...
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sarahhill3362 said...
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