Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Thanks and More

Thank you to all my friends and family and new friends that made comments on my blog. I really liked hearing my Mom read them.

Before I talk about the Britannic I would like to talk about my day in school. Maddie's Dad came to school to talk to us about "Stranger Danger". He is a policeman and a fireman. He gave Maddie badges in bags to put in our cubbies. He told us if someone we don't know comes up to us and says "I have a dog in my car that is sick and needs to go to the vet will you help" they are bad and we should run away and get another adult. He said if I saw a friend and his Mom I should ask his Mom to help. He told us about what he wears and the different vehicles that policeman and police girls use. They use cars, bikes, motorcycles, helicopters, rollerblades and horses.

About the Britannic: The Britannic was a sister ship to the Titanic and the Olympic. It was built to be like the Titanic but in 1915 she was made in to a hospital ship for the war. When she was on her way to a hospital she was hit with an explosion. They are not sure if it was a torpedo or a mine. She was hit in the same space the Titanic was, but she sank really fast, in 55 minutes. Only 30 people on the Britannic died. They did not drown the were in a life boat, but because it sunk so fast the life boats were sucked in to the propellers. Everyone was all chopped up. That is pretty gross, their brains and everything were chopped up.

What I thought was also interesting was that Violet Jessup made it through the Titanic sinking and she was on the Britannic too. She jumped overboard but was knocked out when a lifeboat hit her head. Someone pulled her up and saved her. She was also on the Olympic when it was in a collision with another ship.

Thank you Uncle Brian for the web site on the Andrea Doria. I will look that boat up when I go to the library this weekend.

Thanks to everyone else for your comments and please let me know if you think there might be something out there that I would like to read, watch or look up.


Alex said...

Great post, Cole! YAY! Go You!

Yes, Maddie's dad is absolutely right. Be very careful if you meet a stranger. Never, ever go anywhere with someone you don't know. Maddies' dad is very smart. Also, screaming the word "NO!" really loud is also a good idea. I'm sure Mom and Dad know how loud you can scream, huh? :-) Do that, and then run as fast as you can to find Mom or Dad. He's a fireman AND a policeman? Wow. He's a brave guy, huh?

Thanks for the Ship News, too. Really interesting. I didn't know she only lost 30 people. Have they ever dug that ship up like they did the Titanic? That would be fun to find out.

Keep posting Buddy! It's looking FABULOUS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cole - this is Sheila, a friend of Alex's. I did not know anything about Britannic - very very interesting. Keep it up! I'll keep checking in with you.

You seem like a really cool person.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cole, this is Fauve. I loved hearing all about the boats and the people that where on. I am very proud of you for starting your own website. I will be looking at your website for updates. I miss you and hope to see you soon. Love you cole, Fauve

Tipsy McStagger said...

My boat is sinking...