Tuesday, April 26, 2005

My First Entry

Hi I am Cole and I live close to Chicago. I am 6 years old and I am in Kindergarten. I should be in first grade but I have a late birthday so I couldn't go when I turned 5.

My friend Alex told me that I should start my own blog because I write to her all the time. So my Mom and Dad are letting me start one.

http://www.alexandrabillings.com This is my friend Alex. She is actually my Mom's friend but I have seen her in some musicals and on TV. She is really good! She was on the "Doctor Show" this year (ER). I can't watch it because it is bloody, but my Mom let me watch Alex when they showed her. She put a bunch of stuff about Titanic on her website for me. I really like the Titanic and I will try to talk about that and other things that I like.

I am really in a Titanic mood lately and I go the library once a week so I can get new books. I can't read them all but my Mom reads them to me and I can figure most things out from the pictures.

Some other things that I like are Theodore the Tugboat, Airplanes, Jets for the Air Force Trains, any kind of boats, Army Tanks and Boats for the Navy especially aircraft carriers with Jets on them. I also like Submarines.

I was in my first musical this weekend at church we did "100% Chance of Rain". We just sang a few songs and then there was a game fair after the musical. My Mom bought me tickets to play games. I scored a goal in the game basketball and got a whistle my Mom is going to take the whistle away from me if I don't stop blowing it in the middle of the night. Now I can't find it I keep losing it in my room. I also played golf at the fair and I did the moon jumper. I was also able to buy a lollipop and popcorn and I won prizes in a few games.

Well that is it for me for tonight. Tomorrow I will tell you all about the Britannic and how and why they think it sank.

Please let me know what you think about my post.



Alex said...


Spelling errors! Sorry for posting twice, Cole.

Just saying welcome to the Blog world. It's really, really fun! I can't wait to hear about The Bismark and how it sank! You know a lot!!



Jayne said...

Hi Cole. I am a friend of Alex's. I really enjoyed reading your first post. I can't wait to read more.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! Keep it up - you're going to be a great writer!


Anonymous said...

Cole -

Great first post! I'm a friend of Alex's - and I'm fascinated by the Titanic, too. I'm very excited to hear about the Bismarck - I don't know anything about it!


Chadd said...

Hi Cole!

What a great start to sharing your knowledge and ideas! Hope you have alot of fun teaching aswell as learning from new friends.
Love you

Anonymous said...

Hi Cole,

Great job! I look forward to reading your next entry. I enjoy learning about the Titanic as well. When the titanic exhibit was here in Chicago, Paul and I went to see it. If you haven't seen it, the next time it is here you should ask your parents to take you.


Anonymous said...

Hello Cole, My name is Jay but my middle name is Cole. It is great to see you Blog. I am a retired teacher who likes to read Blogs. Found out about yours and would like to share my latest poem with you. I can tell you are going to be a"some" people. Write every day!


Most people sing just one song
give just one speech,
have just one conversation –
usually with themselves.

Most people dance
just one dance,
walk just one walk
Go to just one place - many times.

Most Rock Stars give the same concert
over and over.
Most comedians tell the same joke -
although sometimes with different punch lines.

Most Authors who write just one book
can do it many times.

Most politicians have just one idea –
usually some else’s.
If you change your audience no one knows your are boring!

Some people however
Sing several songs,
Dance many dances,
Walk in different worlds.

Some people have endless conversations with many people.

Some people never listen
but others always do.

Some people stand out and stand up.

They are original, diverse, endlessly fascinating shining stars.

You my child can be either Most or Some

It is up to you!

Uncle Brian said...

This site is pretty cool. Danny and Megan can't wait to see you again. Keep up the excellent "writing".
Uncle Brian, Aunt Kathleen, Danny & Megan

Megan said...

Hi Cole!
That's so exciting that you have a blog! You sure seem to be learning a lot these days. Can't wait to see you this summer!
Your favorite neighbor,

Grandma said...

Great blog Cole!

I'm so sorry I missed 100% Chance of Rain - I'm looking forward to watching Mom's video. I know you were a great singer!!

And you can teach me more about the Titanic - I'll look forward to reading your next entry.

Love ya!! Grandma

Syd said...


Are you sure that you are only 6? You rock. Keep it up.


Grandpa said...

Hi Cole;
My that is a nice Blog. You should count all your Titanic books and other items and tell us how many you have.

You didn't tell us that you can now ride your two wheel bike without its training wheels.

I am waiting to see your next entry.

Love Papa