Thursday, April 28, 2005

Birthdays and other things

First I want to say Happy Birthday to my Grandma Paulette it is her birthday today and tomorrow is my Dad's birthday. So happy birthday to both of them.

Today I will start talking about my favorite ship. First did you know that the Captain of the Titanic, E. J. Smith was also the Captain of the Olympic when it crashed in to HMS Hawke. The Olympic did not sink but I think Captain Smith had a problem running in to things. Violet Jessup was a stewardess in first class when the Olympic had it's accident. She was then transferred to the Titanic. When the Titanic was sinking the officers were having problems getting the 3rd class people in to the lifeboats because they didn't speak the same language. One of the officers asked Violet to get in to the boat to show the other women what to do. She did that and was handed a baby by one of the woman when she got in. Violets lifeboat was the last to be rescued by the Carpathia. After the Titanic sank she was transferred to the Britannic and I told you what happened to her on that boat. If I were her I would not get on a boat.

My Grandpa reminded me that I forgot to tell people that I ride my bike with out training wheels now. I never wanted to try and one day I just did it with out practice. I was born to ride. My Mom thinks it is funny when I say that. She said she is going to buy me a shirt with that on it.

Today in school we learned about pediatrician they are doctors that help kids and babies. I go to one but not that often because I don't usually get sick.


Alex said...

"If I were her, I would not get on a boat."

I laughed so hard Cole, I think I hurt something important. That was Genius!

I didn't know that about the stewardess. Wow! Cool stuff.

Tell your dad and Grandma I said Happy Birthday. It's very good of you to remember them.

Stay well. Doctors are great people, but what we want is to only see them when we need a check up. Good for you!!!!

More Boat Stuff!!!!!! Yay!

susie said...

Hi Cole -
I'm with you re: Violet - can't believe she continued to get on the boats. I wonder what happened to her?

I grew up in Long Beach,CA where the Queen Mary came to live. She is about 20 years older than the Titanic and crossed the Atlantic over 1,000 times. In 1940 she was used to carry troops during WWII.

They also say the ship is haunted! I spent the night on there once - because there's a hotel and lots of restaurants on it now. I read Alex's site and know that she and Chrisanne just moved to SoCal, so maybe if you come to visit you can go down and spend some time exploring. You can look up information about her on the internet - there are lots of great pictures.

Great job with the blog - looking forward to reading more about all the stuff you're interested in.

Anonymous said...

You were born to born to ride Cole. Just stay away from the mean girl next door!! :)

Great job with the Blog...can't wait to read more!

Tell Dad and Grandma happy birthday!!