Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My Weekend

This weekend I had a lot to do.

On Friday I went to my church for free play for 2 hours. When I was at church my Mom took her first Tae Kwon Do test to get her yellow belt. She is way behind me. I went to class with her on Presidents day. I was the senior belt in the class. It was just my Mom and me we had a good time with Master Kim.

On Saturday I took my test for my blue belt.
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I had to do my purple belt form and break a board. I broke my board with a fly jump side kick.
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This is a picture of someone doing that kick. After Tae Kwon Do I went to my hockey class. Then we went to see a house that Mom and Dad might buy it is really big!

Sunday I had a birthday party to go to. It was like Dave and Busters with lots of video games but it was different. We were there early so we were the only kids in the whole place. We got to play for a long time on the games. My favorite game was, Star Wars. I got to pretend I was on a speeder bike and I was a Jedi fighter. After we played games we had hot dogs and cake and then it was time to go home.

We stopped at my Grandparents house and I helped my Mom put something together and then I played with my train for awhile.

We may be moving to a new house so we have been packing and cleaning for the last few days. I put almost all of my toys in boxes because I want to have a clean room so the house will sell.

Two weekends ago Janee' was suppose to jump in the water but it was to cold for her to do it. She is suppose to do it again in March. That same weekend my sister and I got to go to the Enchanted Castle. We met Paul and Boyd there, they brought their nephews and we had fun playing games and indoor miniature golf.

My Mom's birthday is Saturday. She is going to see Alex's show and then next week I get to see it. I am really excited Mom said Alex flies through the air on ropes. That will be funny.

I am tired now. My friend came over and we played today, then I had to do my homework. That is why I am going to bed so late.

More later Cole

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