Sunday, June 12, 2005

This Week and Weekend

This was my last week of school. I had 4 days of school this week. The last day was an outdoor picnic with the whole school. I am now going to be in the first grade when I go back to school.

Now I want to talk more about Titanic. Last night I watched Ghost of The Abyss with my friends Alex and Chrisanne. They had never seen it before. We didn't get to watch the whole movie because it was late and Chrisanne was getting sleepy.

I was reading my book tonight on how many people died. On the movie it showed the iron gates that kept the third class people from getting out. These numbers explain how many died and were saved by class.

First Class
Lost 130 Saved 199

Second Class
Lost 166 Saved 119

Third Class
Lost 536 Saved 174

Lost 685 Saved 214

More people on the crew were saved then in third class. Weren't the crew suppose to help everyone on the boat first before they saved themselves. It seems like only the people who paid a lot of a ticket got saved.

Tae Kwondo is tomorrow I may get a yellow belt this week. This will be the first belt that I go up to.

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