Thursday, June 23, 2005

My Week

Yesterday in Tae Kwondo I broke a board with my fist. Master Kim held the board and I hit it with a super tight fist. If you make a super tight fist it will break in to five thousand pieces. My board broke in to 3 pieces when I hit it. The other kids boards just broke in to two. On Saturday I will have a test to get a yellow belt. I will have to show my form and maybe break a board again. I won't know until I get there.

Last Sunday my Grandma and Grandpa took me to see Lion King. This was the second time I went to see it. I thought some of it was new from the last time. A lot of it was the same as before. We sat in different chairs on the other aisle so I got to see different animals coming down. At the end I didn't see the big elephant only the little one. My 2 year old sister went with she really liked it. She cried at the intermission because she didn't want it to be over, she cried for more. She kept saying more Lion King more Lion King. We took the EL downtown to go to the theatre. I like to take trains, I liked trains before I liked ships.

This week I am in Vacation Bible School at church. We are going to have a show on Friday. My class is called the MirrorCats. It is suppose to be like a zoo.

Next week I start swimming lessons during the day.

That is it for me.

PS: I wonder when I am going to Great America?

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Anonymous said...

Ouch, did it hurt to break the board? I hope to be there on Saturday to see it!!!

I went and saw the lion king too!! Wasn't it amazing??